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A Literary Tribute to the Greatest Generation
This Veteran’s Day, it is particularly fitting to recognize the vets of “The Greatest Generation.” Of the 16 million Americans who served in WWII, only about a million remain.

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Fishing for Tall Tales Take a basic instinct to catch something and mix it with bay or Gulf waters, some nets, fresh bait, assorted tackle, favorite lures, long rods, short rods, deep-sea rods, spinning reels, huge reels and the challenge of actually snagging your dinner...

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Preserving the Past Spencer Lucas is a man whose roots go deep into Pass-a-Grille (PAG) history. A native Floridian, he was born and raised here where his family tree can be traced back more than 100 years.

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Road Report

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business attireBy The Old Professor - The Old Profs hit the road last summer. Here is some of what we saw.

In Chicago the business look has changed. We know neckties have disappeared from politicians as they seek to appear like ordinary guys in Brooks Brothers dress shirts. In the heart of the loop obviously important businessmen rushed about in suits, dress shirts, and shiny shoes sans neck ties. Not only were ties among the missing, but leather briefcases as well. The majority of business folk toting things used backpacks, and the few briefcases we saw were canvas rather than the hide of the cow, the pig, or the “nauga.”

Among the young women in Chicago short, short denim seemed to predominate. This Daisy Duke style appeared with surprising frequency on balmy summer days. I tried to keep count, but the numbers just got too large. In Waikiki, however, the Daisy Duke count was lower. Many of the young women were headed for or returning from the beach. So coverups covered swimming costumes. One day my attempt to count the Daisy Dukes was interrupted by a bevy of six young maidens clad only in bikinis. I, of course, averted my eyes. I did see one bikini bottom sporting the union jack. My affection for the British empire increased.

We have always enjoyed seeing the young couples from Japan strolling around Waikiki. They are often greeted at the airport by a local marriage arranger with leis and a stretch limo which whisks them to a hotel where they change into rented gown and tux. The limo then rushes to a rented chapel where they meet hired maids of honor and groomsmen and notaries. They are hitched and taken away for photos before the honeymoon can begin.

I saw a bride in a lovely full length wedding gown standing with her white tuxedoed groom outside a hotel. The gown dragged the ground so an attendant was holding up the skirt. I could see the bride's feet. Glass slippers? Sequined pumps? Glittery high heels? No, she wore rubber flip flops that sported no satin, glitter, sequins, or color. The Profess says she wouldn’t want to look taller than the groom. I guess woman worry about that, but I thought they also craved fancy shoes. What would Imelda Marcos do? We saw fewer such couples this summer, but we saw more Japanese couples with young children. I wondered whether previous honeymooners were bringing the children back to see where it all began.

On the rear wall of a small catholic church in Pupakea on Oahu's north shore hangs a painting of Jesus portrayed as a young Polynesian man in a swim suit holding a surf board. A note explains that if Jesus had grown up in Hawaii he would have been a surfer. One young woman in Waikiki sported a tee shirt that announced "Jesus Waves." A surfer who, no doubt, both saves sand waves. In rural Ohio a young girl wore a Future Framers of America jacket.

In my day FAA was all male. Good for her, but maybe the jacket could be more stylish. Could there be FAA Daisy Duke’s? I doubt it.


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