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Publishing a monthly paper can be frustrating when it comes to covering what is generally considered breaking news. Our lead time to go to press almost guarantees there will be changes to what we report before the ink is dry. Add in another few days to get from the post office to a mailbox and whatever it was, is probably history. It is hard to compete in the twitter-everything atmosphere.

There are a variety of sophisticated tools available that use specific processes to identify strengths and weaknesses for individuals or businesses. It took about one night of worrying if an article I had written about a developing story would be accurate when it got to readers that I realized TIR’s weakness. That was years ago and it was when I decided to focus TIR’s coverage, as a rule, on features; human interest stories not generally tied to news events.

You can see “Breaking News” almost 24/7 crawling across the screen bottom of any newscast. The pool of hot topics to cover is seemingly endless and unfortunately they often make the cut based on “If it bleeds it leads.”

Luckily I have found that the pool of topics about good things happening in the communities we serve, thus far, seems extremely deep. I go to one event to cover something and meet someone who has a lead for a good story for the next issue. It is heartening to say the least. I hope you enjoy the good news in this issue and support the upcoming events that benefit charity.

Happy April.

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