From the Publisher - Betsy Judge, The Island Reporter


By Betsy Judge

I usually follow politics to some extent, but the lead-up to this year’s election has me mesmerized. I tried to watch all the debates and watch a variety of news shows to keep up on the latest happenings and commentary. I have lots of friends that can’t stand to watch it anymore, but I am finding it very interesting– I think it may just be that I am bewildered as to how a great country like ours ended up here. For those of you who are sick of it, I am sure you cringe at the thought of another four-plus months of political campaigning in front of us. I read in the Tampa Bay Times in the latter half of June that Democrats are planning an ad blitz in key battleground states including Florida, so for seasoned political junkies or newbies, I guess we haven’t seen anything yet. I say, let the games begin.

We have added a new item to the paper with this issue. Sabrina O’Donnell is now going to be writing short stories. She is very creative and allowing her to do this capitalizes on her strength as a writer. I hope you enjoy The Bookstore and other contributions from her to come.

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Happy Independence Day and happy July.