From the Publisher - Betsy Judge, The Island Reporter


By Betsy Judge

I was going to include a fun fact for every day of February (source I soon realized, I needed more room, so I had to pick and chose. Hope you like it:

Feb. 1: First meeting of the Supreme Court. (1790)
Feb. 3: Vietnam War ended. (1973)
Feb. 4: Facebook was launched. (2004)
Feb. 5: Hank Aaron was born. (1934) We could see the stadium and heard him break Babe Ruth’s record on a 1974 trip to Florida.
Feb. 6: Babe Ruth was born. (1895) Did Hank try extra hard on the 5th? }
Feb. 9: Hershey’s Chocolate was founded. (1894)
Feb. 10: Ratification of the 25th Amendment. (1967) Presidential Succession?
Feb. 12: First Barbie Dolls were sold. (1959)
Feb. 18: Planet Pluto discovered. (1930) Undiscovered 2006.
Feb. 23: U.S. Flag raised on Iwo Jima. (1945). I was honored to visit there in 1998 with the Commandant of the Marine Corps and others.
Feb. 26: Levi Strauss was born. (1829) Love my jeans!

Happy Groundhog, Valentines, President and International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Days. And Happy February.