From the Publisher - Betsy Judge, Island Reporter Newspaper


We are pleased to welcome the residents and businesses of Madeira Beach to the family of TIR readers with this issue. I had the opportunity to meet Mayor Travis Palladeno and City Manager Shane Crawford on several occasions in August. Their enthusiasm for their community and the future it holds was contagious as were the comments I heard from other people, many outside the city, who are appreciative of the progress they, the city staff and commissioners are making. I decided we had to get more involved in what is truly a happening beach community.

The story behind R.O.C. Park is extremely inspirational. It takes a unique family to use the tragedy of a child’s death as inspiration to create something of beauty and joy for others. That is what the Karns family is doing. Preventing tragedy for our veterans is the work of Heaven on Earth for Veterans, a recently approved nonprofit providing a safe place men and women who have served our country to call home. I am sure they would appreciate any support TIR readers can give.

It is also heartening to read about the newly reopened Gulf Beaches school with the high-tech edge. And many thanks to Spencer Lucas who provided the photos for this story and always stands at the ready with his camera to assist Sally Yoder with her contributions.

Thanks to all who have made this such a great issue. Welcome Madeira Beach and happy September.